Saturday, December 17, 2011

You know you're in the United States when...

Top Three Holy-Crap-I'm-Home Moments:

1. When I was in the Chicago airport and I saw a sign that said "toilets" and legit thought it was a typo for a few seconds. Toilets? What? Toilettes. It's not that hard to spell check a neon s... Oh. Chicago. Right.

2. When I got a soda from McDonald's and immediately got a chip of ice through the straw and freaked out because I thought it was a human finger or something. And then I remembered that there is ice in America.

3. That moment when I stepped into the shower and was like, the shower head is mounted on the wall! There's hot water! It's not absurdly small!

France friends, did you have any "aha moments"?

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